Why you should consider getting a splatter ball gun


A splatterball gun is a unique battery-powered toy gun that children often use for fun. Most splatter ball guns come with about 400-round magazines. You can decide to set it to either full auto or semi-auto mode before usage. Providing your children with such a fascinating toy will surely improve their moods and fun experience. You are about to find out why you should consider getting a splatter ball gun today.

Benefits of providing children with splatter ball gun

Children love playing with fascinating toys that will make them feel more excited throughout the day. Since there is a need to provide your children with toys, you must be considerate about the exact types of toys to give them. A Splatterball gun is actually a great toy to give to your children because of the following reasons.

Makes playing become more fun

If you are looking forward to giving your children the best fun experience, you may consider getting them a splatter ball gun. After purchasing this fascinating tool endeavor to teach your children how to use it effectively to avoid damaging it in the long run.

Easy to use

Unlike some toys with complicated parts, splatter ball guns are made with easy-to-use features. Your children don’t have to stress themselves out to figure out how to use a splatter ball gun effectively.

Last much longer

Since splatter ball guns are rechargeable, their lifespans tend to last much longer than most tools. Hence, you should consider getting splatter balls as you will be saving money on buying toys in the future.

Safe to use

Another reason why you should consider getting splatter balls is that they are safe to use. Your children will surely be safe playing around with their splatter ball.

What is the age limit splatter ball gun?

Before purchasing any toy for your child, you must put the age bracket into consideration. Splatterball guns are special toys meant for children that have reached up to 12 years. However, if you want to buy a splatter ball gun for your younger children, ensure that you stay around them and monitor how they experiment with the toy.

To be on the safer side, consider buying other options of toys for your younger children to guarantee their safety. As a parent or guardian, you should uphold the responsibility of teaching your older children how to use the splatter ball before allowing them to play around with it. Although some children may attempt to try new features of their toys, you still have to give them safety caution before handling the splatter ball gun over them.

How far can a splatter ball gun shoot?

When your children shoot their splatter ball gun, keep in mind that the water ball will reach up to 210 feet per second. However, the capacity of the splatter ball highly depends on its features. Hence, if you want to give your children the best experience with their new toy, ensure that you go for a better version of the splatter ball gun.


Splatterball gun has significantly changed the way children enjoy their playtime. If you want to give your children the best playing experience, consider purchasing a splatter ball gun for them. However, you must put the age of your child into consideration before completing your purchase. You should also check the features of the splatter ball gun to ensure you are buying the best option.


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